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Wood-Fuel in Europe

Although poorly perceived by energy and forestry statistics, wood fuel remains an important social and economic reality. Based on various crosschecks, its consumption in Europe can be estimated at about 50 million TOE. In the space of one century, this renewable flux will have represented a bed identical to that of proven reserves of European natural gas. By a systematic salvage of forestry by-products, industrial wood-waste and scrap wood, this contribution could probably be doubled in the next 10 to 15 years.

Wood fuel, a local and diffuse renewable resource, which, unlike conventional energy, is not distributed by large industrial groups, is implemented by a tissue of various modestly-sized companies or organisations : constructors, planning offices, promoting societies …, although some companies of an international dimension are henceforth showing an interest. These companies are not regrouped in a professional or interprofessional organisation. In the same way, no real common exchange ground or implement of communication exists.

The transfer of experience and know-how filters through the structuration of that existing and very informal network. In order to help the organisation of this network, the European Union's Directorate of Energy, as part of the THERMIE programme, has entrusted ADEME and BIOMASSE NORMANDIE with the realisation of a file of wood fuel companies and organisations.

The object of the present catalogue is to register professionals with a significant activity in the wood fuel domain.



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